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 Welcome, you've just stumbled upon stubbledream's page of daily rants. 
Although I'm more known as hecticreality, but I've decided to at least change my nicks once in a while. 
I've gone MIA in graphics, and CSS.


I've decided not to put this journal friends-only. Due to the fact that only a limited amount of people having a dreamwidth account.

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I was having exams, and was studying these past few weeks. 
Yes, especially Math. I totally lost interest in blogging.
Anyhow, I just recently created a, you can find me @jjongism.

I just need a break from virtual reality. And I'm super active on twitter, yeah.

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I know you people are getting bored of my football spazzing. XDDD;
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Been ages since I last updated. Since I kinda lost interest in blogging,
I'm planning to delete this journal.
And you can find my updates on various sites...

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It's almost a month since I last updated my journal. 
My schedule for everyday was almost filled to the brim,
was having endless number of tests, floorball inter-school championship, tons of mugging on A.Maths, tuition classes and more floorball trainings.
Regardless, I'm still updating, since I'm almost finished with all my tests plus the floorball matches.
And my CA1 results came out.
Both my languages of English and Chinese were like borderline passes,
I scored an A1 for my humanities ^^v; Almost an A2 for my Pure Literature.
JUST PASSED my A.Maths, Almost an A for (Normal) Maths.
Thank god I didn't fail my Combined Science, I was failing all my Physics it's great that Chemistry was a breeze that made me passed.

Enough rambling with school. So what have I been up to these few weeks...
Was watching dramas like 24/7, such as..
(K) Brilliant Legacy / Shining Inheritance, I bought the original CD for like 50 bucks, there goes a bigger hole in my pocket.
(C) Autumn's Concerto.
And I'm still waiting for new episodes of Still, Marry Me (The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry) and Stars Falling From The Sky.
I hate it when mysoju doesn't update them, so I went hunting from dramacrazy.

I'm having a headache, thanks to the medication for my sore throat + cough + runny nose. How great is that.

Oh yes...
AAA and BRIGHT is omfg-awesome.
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Happy Lunar New Year!
Yes, since I'm a Chinese, I'm obviously celebrating. 
Ang Baos. <:
I'm gonna get rich soon. And I'm planning on getting new headphones, probably a Sony one.
Anyhow, I'm gonna go visiting soon, in a few hours time.
Yet I'm still here 'blogging'. Great.
Oh and I'm gonna visit my grandma in Malaysia later in the night, and come back the day after. 
One more thing; BREAK OUT by TVXQ is playing in my head 24/7. <3
And goodbye. ANGPAOS ARE MINE. 


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